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Daniel Sinsel, Untitled, 2011.Oil on canvas.

Daniel Sinsel, Untitled, 2011. Terracotta.

Daniel Sinsel's intimate, handcrafted paintings and sculptures explore classical themes of space, perspective and trompe l’oeil, using a range of traditional techniques and materials from casein to raw silk to fired terracotta.

Sinsel blends minimalist forms with his own personal iconography to create subtly suggestive works that point backwards toward the intricate process of their making, even as they maintain an ineffable, near-iconic presence. Grids, columns and linen weft appear as recurring motifs in Sinsel’s work, yet these substrates are rendered with such painstaking, almost meditative attention that the forms seem sublimely transmogrified – the eroticised materials competing with the sometimes repressed or otherwise articulated eroticism of his subjects.

Daniel Sinsel is hosted in the Yana and Stephen Peel Studio