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Jonathan Murphy, Screen, 2011. Oil and spray paint on wood panel.

My practice to date has largely centred on abstract or semi-figurative painting concerned with the layering of colour, shape and texture. My working process incorporates sculpture, including relief work in ceramic, wood and concrete, as well as traditional photographic techniques such as cyanotypes. Heavily studio-based, it involves a continual process of informal curation within the studio space itself. Objects (albeit works made or studio props/detritus) are continually in motion – a sculpture becomes a chair and the bin becomes a plinth to stage a painting. It is within this process of rearrangement that a lexicon of meaning emerges, and with it I write poetry from a fluctuating grammatical structure of motifs and themes. 

I use materials for something in the hope that somewhere else along the line in my practice, perhaps unexpectedly, they become something.

- Jonathan Murphy

Beneath The Paving Stones, The Beach, a limited edition Risograph print Designed by Jonathan Murphy for Gasworks is available to purchase from our online shop here