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Lauren Godfrey, installation view of Entrée, Stage Left, 2015. Kingsgate Workshops, London. Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

Lauren Godfrey, A Menu is a Script, A Recipe a Scene, 2015. Collage on paper, 70cm x 100cm

Lauren Godfrey, Information Pebbledash, 2014. Jesmonite, brass, pasta, 45cm x 45cm

Lauren Godfrey’s work spans sculpture, performance, film and printmaking. Simultaneously exploring the relationship between the spoken and written word, the tension between imagery and text and employing an approach to making as the formation of a sentence in the mouth - on the tip of the tongue. Godfrey’s sculptures often take the form of domestic scaled objects, quasi-furniture or the almost useful. With a sweeping arm that gathers deco, Memphis and hieroglyphs under one armpit and Seinfeld, Nigella and Matisse under the other; borrowing shapes from Gio Ponti and stealing titles from AA Gill, the brow remains neutral. A fusion of high and low, past and present, crude and tasteful, coming together to graft an inquisitive and propositional space in between.

Lauren Godfrey is hosted in the Friends of Gasworks Studio