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Paul Simon Richard. Yaya; Cotton, Felt, Crystal and Leather, 2015

Paul Simon Richards, A Row of Forms. Ceramic and mixed media, 2010.

Paul Simon Richards, Performance at Frieze art Fair, 2011.

The work of Paul Simon Richards explores the potential of thought to describe and make present in language that which cannot be experienced. Working mainly with spoken word performance and film, Richards' work draws together immersive narratives that incorporate elements of spectacular entertainment and moments of enlightened consciousness that come about during mundane daily tasks. Recent video and performance works present characters who are involved in telling stories, either through dialogue with other characters on screen or by monologue delivered to an unspecified interlocutor; the stories told, in some way relate to the structure of the spectacle that they themselves provoke or are made present in.

A limited edition Risograph print designed by Paul Simon Richards, for Gasworks, is available to buy from our online shop.