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Tai Shani, Tetragammaton's Home in the Abyss: Reduced to 6, 2008.

Tai Shani, Screentest: R-R-Rhine Peacetime 82, 2010.

The 144th Collapse of the Double Life Flexing Surface, Tate Britain, 2011.

Fantastical and cinematic, Tai Shani’s performances and films contain multilayered and self-reflexive narratives that are abstracted adaptations of films, plays and books or fictional historical dramatisations.
Shani’s work deploys diverse fictional strategies, operating in multiple temporal structures both in the real and the mediated. Her performances revolve around scripts and texts which alternate between familiar narrative styles and structures and theoretical prose that researches the agency of the simulated self and the 'real' self, the immaterial lives of fictional characters beyond spectatorship and over-identification and death in the fictional space.

These intricate narratives are played out by elaborately costumed large casts of archetypal and pseudo-historical characters drawn from diverse cultural mythologies in Neo-Baroque settings that reference early science fiction, Greek tragedy and various traditions of theatrical spectacle.

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